Yep, I'm Gay
Gay as a purple peacock.

Let's play 2 truths and a lie:
I'm gay.
I believe in God.
My life revolves around books.

Anything else you want to know, ask.
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a story of friendship


human: :(

dog: :D

human: :D

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so many of my friends are queer that i genuinely forget that the majority of the population isn’t on a regular basis


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I don’t know what this says but I know it’s important
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BK: When Tim Hedrick was hired as a writer on the original Avatar series, he was under the assumption for a while that when Aang went into the Avatar state he grew into a towering giant version of himself. The rest of us had a good laugh at his expense, but none of us would have thought back then that years later, that is pretty much what we would do with the next Avatar! I think Tim felt vindicated at long last. And I think he was right, as giant spirit Korra became a favorite Book Two design for me. I simplified her design and elongated her proportions to give her a more ethereal spiritual appearance. Designs and color by Bryan Konietzko.